Introducing DRIFE Franchise

Stake DRF to get profit distribution from operations

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Franchise Staking


We are rewarding our very early supporters with the opportunity to earn up to 10% of all profits from our pilot countries starting with Bangalore, India.


By selecting one of the staking options you will join the DRIFE Franchisee early adopters programme, where you automatically receive up to 10% of profit share for that "Unit of Operation" e.g. Bangalore.

Each unit of operation is a non-fungible token (NFT). This means its ownership is specifically verifiable to a non-divisible piece of the geographic location, bounded and geo-fenced.

Acquiring a proportion of the geographical NFT gives the Franchisee rights to use the business model, name, trademark, intellectual property, proprietary knowledge, technology and infrastructure to support your business development as a Drife franchisee.

Upcoming Franchisee Opportunities

Bangalore, India


Staking Coming Soon

Bangalore, India



10 Million DRF

Est. APY


Minimum Locked DRF




Duration (months) 




Arthur Lautier

The sharing economy is not about sharing at all. We, the people, build rich networks, that only cartels monetize. Alongside tech experts, our team is coming after the French ride-hailing market to give back value to all network participants.