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Introducing DRIFE Franchisee

Stake DRF to get profit distribution from operations

Franchise Opportunity

Our Franchise model has been designed to be simple and straightforward, allowing us to expand our global operations. Partner with us to add cutting-edge to your ride-hailing venture
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Tech Infra Set-up

Let us know your city of choice. We will set up the infrastructure so you can launch and start operating your DRIFE franchise


We provide all our franchisees with initial operating and marketing training and advice


Operations Management and Consulting services to assist you in having a successful launch

We'll assist you with

Who are we
Request demo

How Do I Become a DRIFE Franchisee?


Submit Your Application

Fill out the application form and let us get to know you better


Review the Franchise Disclosure Agreement

One of our agents will get in touch with you to assist you in starting your journey


Submit Your Strategic Business Plan

Create a Business Plan showcasing the strategy for your city


Sign Franchise Agreement and Stake

After signing the contract, secure your franchise by staking the DRF token 


Implementation Process

Our support team will assist you with your launch preparation


Grand Opening

Celebrate your first DRIFE franchise

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