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Our Mission

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Simple yet transformative

We strive to change lives, one ride at a time, by providing drivers with fair compensation and riders with affordable, reliable transportation. By fostering a culture of transparency and fairness, we aim to create a more equitable and inclusive ride-hailing ecosystem.


Simplifying Mobility


Zero Commission

We operates on a zero commission model, ensuring drivers receive 100% of the fare, empowering them with higher incomes while offering economical fares to riders

Transparency via Blockchain

Embracing blockchain technology, DRIFE brings transparency to transactions, ensuring both parties have full visibility into the terms and costs involved, fostering trust and accountability

Market dictated pricing

Utilizing an auction-based dynamic pricing model, DRIFE allows drivers and riders to determine fair prices based on market demand and supply.

Explore DRIFE Ecosystem

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Experience the future of ride-hailing with DRIFE Dubai. Our platform is going live in Dubai, offering drivers and riders a decentralized and transparent mobility solution.

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DRF Token

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DRF Token is the digital currency that fuels the DRIFE ecosystem. As the native token of DRIFE, DRF facilitates secure and transparent transactions, incentivizes active participation, and powers loyalty and incentive programs.

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Discover DRIFE India, our flagship operation bringing decentralized ride-hailing to Bangalore and beyond. With DRIFE, drivers in India can earn more while providing riders with affordable and convenient transportation options.

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DRIFE Franchisee


DRIFE Franchisee offers an opportunity for individuals and organizations to participate in DRIFE's decentralized operation model. By becoming a DRIFE franchisee, you can own and operate a successful ride-hailing business in your region, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the DRIFE ecosystem.





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Q1: Token Raise:Raised $3M tokens to kickstart DRIFE's journey.

Q3: Token Launch:
Successfully launched DRF token.

Q4: Pilot Launch:Conducted pilot launch with 25 drivers.

Q1-Q4: Application Development Continued

Transitioning from pilot to fully functional application in Bangalore and India.

Onboarded 10,000+ drivers and 100,000+ users onto the platform.

Q1-Q2:Applied for Dubai RTA licenses.

Q3:Secured license for Dubai launch.

Q4:Grew user base to 300K+ users and 35K+ drivers.

Meet the team


Firdosh Sheikh

CEO & Founder

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Nasim Begum

Director & Head of Finance

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Sumit Das


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Rakesh Sahu

Tech Lead

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Velakaturi Sai Kumar

Head of Partnership

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Our team comprises of 30+ individuals with varied backgrounds and extensive experience from companies such as Microsoft, Gojek, Careem, Uber, and Ola. Each member brings invaluable insights and expertise from the ride-hailing and tech industry.


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Saint Lucia: Drife Ltd.
Ground Floor, The Sotheby Building,
Rodney Village, Rodney Bay,
Gros Islet, Saint Lucia


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